Rotary Club of Princeton, NJ USA

Post Office Box 402
Princeton, New Jersey 08542-0402 USA

The Rotary Club of Princeton in Partnership For Community Service

Princeton Rotary Club is eager to participate in projects and with organizations that have a significant positive impact on Princeton. Partnerships in service that will challenge us to give both time and money are especially sought. Our membership - business and professional people - have many specialized skills to offer; they can also cook pancakes.

Every organization that we support financially is asked to submit an application. The application for funding, which follows, is for gifts to be given in June, 2005, and its deadline for submission is April 8. Organizations seeking only our hands-on assistance should use it too at any time of the year. All requests will be evaluated by the same guidelines. They are;

Many very worthy projects may not meet these guidelines, and, probably, none fully meets them all, but we want to encourage you to design projects that do.

Our financial support likely will not exceed $5000 for any one project/organization, and most gifts will be significantly less than that. If, however, you have a particularly compelling project, well matched to our guidelines but requiring a greater financial commitment from us, let us hear of it.

An example of what we’re seeking, though on a vastly different scale, is Rotary International’s polio eradication campaign. Rotarians have given over $500 M and countless skilled hours hands-on to that effort; it has had a measurable positive impact, galvanized the efforts of others, been welcomed universally, and brought credit to Rotary. Locally we do not anticipate giving most of our time and money to one project, but we’re hoping you will similarly challenge us to be all that we can be.

One organization may submit more than one application. You may wish to file one application for support of a particular project and another for support of the organization as a whole.

If you submitted an application last year, you need not resubmit supporting material that is essentially unchanged.

Click here for the application as an MS Word document